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I talk about #linux, #Security, #infosec, #android, #androidsecurity, #PKM and a lot more.

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Anant Shrivastava aka anantshri . @anant,

Funny thing about AI or current LLM trends. Its making life so much easier with automating linking reading parsing outputs and piping them to next set of actions. we dont need to spend time on that boring task.

We only need to be creative enough to know how to write the proper guidance to them and they can do the job. so effectively we have automated all that infosec folks loved and we have kept all that they didn't liked much.

  • explaining what they are doing.
  • explaining and listing how to pipethings together

Good going folks.


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Anant Shrivastava aka anantshri . @anant,

May be just may be a thing to maintain better security posture is not to be big centralized target so everyone is attacking you rather be so many small varients that only determined attackers attack you.

Linux distros and lesser exploits on the. Kind of drills that point.

Once you are big enough to have good number of people using your product you become a target. So just maybe the aim should be to not be so big.

#randomthoughts #bigorsmall #security #informationsecurity

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Anant Shrivastava aka anantshri . @anant,

I have a particular distaste for orgs claiming we have opensource software come use it for free. But you know what we need to onboard you we incurred cost on making it, we dont think we are ready to handle every query so we will be very selective about who we give source code to.

Its just a thinly veiled attempt at leveraging the tag of open source to get the audience and browny points.

This is mostly contrasted with indie devs who are like i am running this small experiment and if anyone feels like playing with it feel free here is the code repo with instructions on how to compile.

#randomthoughts #opensource

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Anant Shrivastava aka anantshri . @anant,

Today's post by ashishsinha of @nextbigwhat ends with a question:

Are you a missionary or a mercenary builder?

FYI: Missionary founders build the product and building the service because they love the customer, because they love the product, because they love the problem statement.
The mercenaries build the product or service so that they can flip the company and make money.

Ref: https://sinha.nextbigwhat.com/p/5-fake-pandemic-tech-trends-and-how

This makes me wonder how many founders are on missionary path. I spot almost all on mercenary path.

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Anant Shrivastava aka anantshri . @anant,

Need some suggestions:

I have recently moved to calibre server and calibre web to provide a proper navigable home to my ebooks collection. I spend a lot of time on ipad as my reading device. Kindle app works great but i am looking for an alternative with following requirements

  1. It should support opds server so i can use my calibre instance whenever i want to read something

  2. It should support highlight and notes

  3. It should support extracting notes in a format which can be imported in readwise

#selfhost #bookwrym #books #reading #calibre #ios #readwise

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