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Anant Shrivastava aka anantshri @anant@anantshri.info
Mar 16, 08:35

Using OpenAI chatgpt api trained on your own notes seems like an interesting idea.

Repo : https://github.com/brianpetro/obsidian-smart-connections

Equally polarized reactions on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ObsidianMD/comments/11s0oxb/chat_with_your_notes_now_available_in_the_smart/

I have my concerns around sharing data with openai althought openai has made it pretty clear that they are "no longer" using data provided by API for training the overall model (since 1st march 2023). https://openai.com/policies/api-data-usage-policies

I have some pretty interesting things in my repository that; if i could get a second opinion on i would have loved to share with humans. But humans as they go tend to form judgements on other people. thats where AI can help but the current state of Generative AI is far from being really able to help rather then spouting some nonsense which may make sense may derail my whole thought process.

Hopefully one day we will have opensource local only kind of model where if i dont like what it says i would be in a position to format it all by myself.

#PKM #personalnotes #privacy #localfirst

Mar 16, 2023, 08:35
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