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Here is a thought about #ChatGPT or likes (#GenerativeAI) usage in #Academics.

#Teachers should encourage #students to ask questions to it and find ways to get the right answer. Teachers ask them to learn about a topic using chatGPT and then instead of teaching students about that topic using old methods clear the doubts in live class. let each student share what they learned for 30 minutes and then in next 30 minutes confirm what is right and confirm what is wrong and if marked as wrong then why it is wrong explain and if required prove.

This way

  1. You are using #ChatGPT as a #tool not an enemy just like we treat calculator now.

  2. AI Systems have limitations they dont have all answers and right questions can make them fumble. Teachers need to ask the right question to judge the learning not the Rota of students.

  3. AI Systems allow you to ask questions in isolation without looking stupid.Answer could be right or wrong, and thats where teachers come and they should help students, discarding it as a FAD or embarcing it fully with open arms is both wrong.

In the end all i will say is (In classic academic rota essay format) AI is good tool but a bad master. Focus on leveraging it rather then it leveraging you.

What do you think?

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