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A major change that I see between using google for searches vs using chatgpt to find answers.

In search engine you want to be as creative by reducing input to bare minimum so as to not pollute the search results and specific keywords are given. Where as in chatGPT you go as much in detail as you can to narrow the result down.

Why I asked myself:

  1. ChatGPT is assumed to be a language understanding system so we converse with it. Search engine are software so we give instructions pin pointed focused.
  2. Search engines have been gamed for many years in the name of SEO or what not. AI's are yet to be massively gamed and hence more details allow you to narrow the results.
  3. Search engines give you options. AI gives you answer. you want that one shot to be as accurate as you can get.

Ya ya, i am right now fully ignoring the aspect of assuming AI as human or that AI are bad etc. I am simply making an observation that i have seen recently.

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